Dark Into Light

Dark Into Light


Black and bleak,

Have my thoughts always been.

My mind extinguishes light,

To darkness and it will not mend.


O’ sorrowful muse,

Lift up your curtain of night.

So that I might glimpse,

At the horizon of light.


Shake away the darkness,

That exceedingly here dwells.

In this land of blackened waste,

That is my own personal hell.


Dark are my macabre visions inside.

Black and malevolent are the words from my mind.

Dark are my bloody visions inside.

Dark and horrifying are the words that I find.


O’ blissful muse,

Pull down this curtain of night.

So that I can walk,

Into that horizon of light.


White and bright,

Have my thoughts never been.

My mind absorbs light,

Vanishing darkness so it can mend.


Wes Oakes 12/10/2012

~ by wesdarkoakes on December 11, 2012.

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