Dead End.

Dead End.

I hear you calling me.

Under the pale blue moon.
Shining down upon my face.
Don’t weep I will be there soon.
Walking and stumbling to you.
Feeling breathless with each single step.
Hearing your voice so clear.
Envisioning your face, though we never met.
On my knees again.
Giving in to my weakness.
Try to fight my emotion.
But giving in to my meekness.
I’m so opened wide.
Totally released and free.
Made by nothing, but clay.
Make me what you want me to be.
I hear your voice again.
It sets me free.
It pulls me forward.
It pushes and blinds me.
Blinded and pushed down.
Still crawling to you.
Reaching your voice.
And wondering what to do.
You touch my eyes.
And I see it’s you.
All this pain and suffering.
Now I’m just a fool.
All this time you controlled me.
Lead me through a miserable path.
And let me believe it was the way.
Now let me unleash my wrath.
I scream and yell.
But it does no good.
I’ve let myself be lead to the noose.
I wait and tremble as you put on the hood.
Darkness once again.
I never asked why.
Flowing with the river.
Now it’s time to die.
 Wes ‘Dark’ Oakes 09/10/2004

~ by wesdarkoakes on February 4, 2013.

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