Flesh And Blood!

I smell your flesh

It’s so overwhelming.

It takes me away.

Such sweet tasty flesh.


I want to feel you.

I want to taste you.

I want to feel you through.

I want to feel the warmth of your blood.


I want to roll my tongue over the taste.

Your life force every single drop.

I will purge into myself.

Not one little drop will I waste.


I need it more then anything.

It’s more then just a vise or drug.

In all human knowledge there is nothing,

That is like the taste of blood so sweet.


I cut slow.

I cut shallow.

I cut from head to toe.

Licking each single drop.


Each wonderful panic scream.

Sets my insides on fire.

Gets me hard and my insides like steam.

In this moment of rage.


Your Blood tastes like wine.

Your blood is divine.

Your blood so fine.

Your blood is mine!!!


Wes Dark Oakes ’03 2011


~ by wesdarkoakes on February 4, 2013.

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