Apparitions walk among us on darkened flooded pathways.
We are unaware of their presence.
They are still there, hiding behind the elder ruins.
The wind blows off the water, giving us a cold chill.
These negative and positive energies stalking us on darkened flooded paths.
Now we feel their eyes on us.
Our blood chills as we hear their whispers.
They tell us of their death and dark secrets of the past.
The bell tower of the Asylum is horrifying to behold.
Blood stained ground where time now stands still.
Partial flooded Asylum of horror, that’s over grown and unkempt.
The rooms echo voices of dark iniquities, madness, pain, and fear.
We are here among the evil ruins and apparitions, on the flooded pathways of Poveglia.
Wes Dark Oakes


~ by wesdarkoakes on February 4, 2013.

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