PIes(Still working)

Still working on this……for a long time now here is the ruff draft… opinions???

I now sit comfortable in front of a warm fire. Yet tears fall freely from my eyes. Of a darken memory, forever etched into my mind. It start with a dry spring and then a even dryer summer. Fields of green turned to dead grass and dust. The flowing streams once filled with cold clear water, turned dry and cracked. Lakes receded to shallow pools as fish lie dying in the summer heat. No crops would grow and we ran out of our reserved stock. I was outside drenched in sweat from a long day of hunting. Not much game had stayed around this small valley of death. All I and my two sons had killed was two conies, a small meal for a family of six. Samuel cleaned the kill and my older son Alexander and I sit and drink scarcely on what little water we had. We seen dust in the distance a solider riding approached from the south. As he got closer I raised my hand in proper jester “Hail and well met solider of the south” I said. “Well met sir. I come bearing news from the south.” the solider said dismounting his horse. “What news do you bring, sir?” I said removing my gloves. He shook my hand “Great news my friend the King has said that all from the north should go to York and to receive free rations to last for the rest of the summer and the beginning of fall.” he said. I grinned wide and shook his hand harder. “That’s great news, hail to our most generous King” I said. With that the solider bid me farewell and rode off to tell others. I told the boy’s to hurry and finish stripping the conies and I rushed inside to tell the good news. The next morning the boys and I packed up the mule and left my wife and daughters to travel south to York. As we traveled south we come upon the small town of Oxroth. The town seemed deserted except a older man sitting by the well in the middle of the town square. He wore a black robe with the hood up and as we approached a rotten smell surrounded us. He removed his hood and I noticed his face was grotesquely twisted and upon his right cheek was a oozing bole. As he spoke he walked close to me and it took all of my will not to vomit up the bread I had ate that morning. “Well met weary travelers. I am sorry to inform you all have left this village to the town of York in search for food. Is that where you are traveling?” he screeched at me with the smell of death on his breath. “Yes we travel to York” I said trying not to breath in the foul smell. “I see I know of a short cut if you wish to take it. Through those hills. he said pointing. “It cut’s off two days journey. You will be there by tomorrow eve, if you go that way just follow that path.” he said pointing to a small path going down beside a barn. “thank you sir we will take your advice.” I said quickly making my way to path to get away from the dreadful smell. So off we set down the narrow path, a fork in the road I wish I had never took.The trail was grown over but, we managed to follow it without to much trouble. The path descended down into a huge valley. In the distance there was a river running through it. It looked like the path crossed over the river, so there must be a ford ahead. Not that one was needed the river had been dried to a mere stream. It would be easily crossed at any area, that did not have a large embankment. In the distance I seen the large hills where the valley ended. However the sun start setting in the west after we crossed the shallow river and I suggested we make camp for the night. So we unpacked and gathered fire wood to settle down for the night. The night passed with no incident and we quickly packed and begin a journey once more. We chewed on dried jerky as we walked the path to the hills. It was late afternoon we arrived but, we pressed foreword up the hill instead of making camp there. Once we were at the top of the hill the sun was setting to the west. “Look” cried my youngest son Samuel pointing in the distance. As we turned and looked to the south we saw a large walled city in the distance. From the look of it less the one day of travel lay the city of York.That night we all settled down to sleep excited and full of joy knowing that our journey to York was almost over. Later in the night I dreamed I was in the next valley walking to the city of York. My sons leading the way with joy in heart. They stopped suddenly in the middle of the road looking into a clearing of the wood. “Father food” Samuel screamed and took off like a rabbit being chased by dogs. “It is father, pies and wine” Alexander said in amazement, taking off as well. Then with out warning the wind begin to blow harshly. Sending dead branches and leaves swirling around. In the distance I seen Samuel and Alexander drinking and eating what lay upon a long wooden table. I hollered for them but they showed no sign of hearing my voice. Suddenly I saw a bright light appear before my eyes and heard a voice like rumble of thunder saying “Be warned Argoth traveler from the north.” “Do not eat or drink of this table, you or your sons. Least you forever walk these hills in search of food and drink for all eternity.” With another bright flash the the light was gone. I awoke screaming as I seen the sun rising in the east. As I woke up my sons and gave them jerky to eat the sky become overcast and appeared to be threatening rain. “Look father it looks like God is blessing us with rain today.” Samuel said. “indeed” I replied as I packed for the last part of the journey.The day dragged on and it rained as we walked the small over grown trail to York. I dropped my water skin after taking a large sip. As I bent down to pick it up cursing under my breath. I heard my son shout in the distance “Father food” I jerked up in shock as I seen Samuel running toward the clearing in the wood. “Father it is pies and wine on that table” Alexander said as he sprinted toward it. I felt a strong swirling in my head as a felt dujvo. “No, you must not eat of that table” I screamed as I run in their direction. As I arrived at the table it was to late they was gorging and drinking the pies and wine from the long wooden table. “You should not eat or drink from this table.” I said once more. “Why not” Alexander asked, shoving another piece of pie in his mouth. “I had a dream telling us that we should not” I yelled. “You talk like a drunk man father. There is nothing wrong with this food at all. Said Alexander finishing the piece of pie and washing it down with wine. I looked down at the table and at the pies Alexander had been eating. I started to wretch in disdain as I seen the inside of it. It was blood red and sticking out from the filling was a finger. “Look …look inside the pies my sons.” I managed to get out. They both stopped eating and looked down at the pies. Alexander screamed in horror as he seen the finger poking out of the pie and immediately started vomiting. Young Samuel looked down and seen I eye starring back at him he fainted immediately. Both throw up all that was on their stomachs and grabbed their stomachs in pain. I pulled them away from the wooden table and built a fire. Laying them comfortably as possible next to it.The day went on and the rain stopped. Night came and they both seemed to sick to move. Neither of them woke and they both seem to be groaning in pain in their sleep. I drifted off to sleep myself and slept uneasy. Late in the night I was awoke by the sound of hideous laughter. I jumped up and drew my sword instantly. Standing by the fire was the smelly old man I had seen in the town of Oxroth. His hood was down, showing his hole distorted and boil filled face. He was grinning a wicked smile at me laughing. “What have you done” I demanded. “Why did you not tell us of this evil place, you wicked foul demon?” I said this pointing my sword at his throat. “I wanted you to come this way I need more children to do my bidding.” he said stepping back out of sword reach. “What children” I said “Yours” he said laughing in a scratchy cackle. I looked down and seen that both of my children were gone. I was instantly filled with anger and looked the old wretched man in his eyes. “I will kill you and send your foul soul back to hell where it belongs.” He laughed once more and called out into the night “Children come and protect me.” Out of the darkness two figures appeared, both were human in shape. Once into the moonlight I seen them, my sons twisted with bits of flesh hanging from their bodies exposing muscle and bone. They walked dragging and drooling toward me with dead eyes. I was in shock shaking, barely hanging on to the hilt of my sword. What was once Alexander lunged at me taking a bite out of my left arm. I screamed in pain and plunged my sword through his chest. It dropped him to the ground in a wet slump. I pulled the sword free and charged Samuel. With one quick motion sending his head to the ground he fell dead on the wet grass. I run toward the old man without much thought. Wanting to end his life for changing my sons to monsters, but with a flash of red smoke he vanished. Leaving nothing but his wicked cackling laughter echoing through the valley.With tears streaming down my eyes and heart full of sorrow. I burned the bodies of my sons and prayed that God would see them into the gates of heaven. I finished the travel to York and bought supplies. I traveled by the main road on the way back to my home. As I approached my home, I saw no one outside. As I entered the house it was empty. No one anywhere inside. As I set at the table after unloading the supplies. I seen a piece of parchment laying there. I picked it up and begin to read “Dear husband we have went to York, Elizabeth has been excepted to go to a all ladies school there. A nice old man named Zarkulles was the one to deliver the news. Seeing we was alone, he said he would accompany us there. I agreed those his smell is horrible, we will stay down wind of him. He says he knows of a shortcut in the town of Oxroth. So we plan on taking it. Hopefully we will meet you in York. Your loving wife Mary”. I flung the paper down and jumped on the horse and rode non-stop to the town of Oxroth. Seeing they were not there I took the evil path all the way to York. I searched for years and have never found them. The long wooden table is now gone, as is the old man and no where to be found. So I sit here now in this busy inn by the fire with tears in my eyes and dagger in my hand. Waiting for the crowed to leave so that I can take my life


~ by wesdarkoakes on February 20, 2013.

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